YWAM DTS Experience


In 1998, the International DTS Centre Command Team, combined with the Global Command Team (GLT) and the International Management for the U of N (ILT), began an activity to clarify the curriculum of the DTS. There have been lots of known reasons for this clarification. One major concern was that as DTS leadership was passed on in one generation to another, search phrases listed however, not explained in the initial document, were no more understood in their fullness by many DTS leaders/staff. For instance, a key phrase like ‘the Personality and Means of God’ possessed lost a lot of its so this means and sometimes have been reduced to a ‘Fatherheart of God’ coaching alone. For more info on why the curriculum needed clarification just click here.


ywam dts

God is uncreated.
God is infinite for the reason that he’s all powerful, all knowing, all present, inventor, eternal, and even more.
God is a personal/relational being for the reason that he’s three distinct folks in a single being (Dad, Boy and Holy Heart).
By personality God is adoring, just, holy, smart, gracious, compassionate, merciful, kind, forgiving, long anguish, slow-moving to anger, faithful plus more.
God is sovereign and has ultimate control of record while considering the real selections of individuals.
God is both transcendent (beyond creation) and immanent (exists and productive in creation and dwells within the believer).
God created visitors to be relational so that he may have romantic relationship with them. (Romance is made by a free of charge exchange of thoughts, decisions and emotions.)


Worship can be an appropriate reaction to God. There are various ways to worship God and privately corporately. Worship also needs to be reflected inside our lifestyle.
God invites visitors to discuss (pray) to him about their needs and concerns.
God longs to talk about things that are on his heart and soul along with his people.
Prayer in the name of Jesus makes a genuine difference.
The Holy Nature speaks professionally and obviously to the people through a number of ways (e.g. an internal voice, an image, other folks). These personal instructions or words must always be steady with the Bible and may be confirmed through others.
God pursues the lost and needs all to be preserved through Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the best revelation of God.
A basic understanding of God is open to everyone through creation.
God’s specific revelation of himself and his purposes are saved in the Bible.
The Bible is God’s motivated and authoritative Expression and is also our major standard for living.
The Bible is usually to be used in a genuine way that strengthens our trust, renews our head and informs us to have the ability to make right alternatives (read, meditate, research, memorize, etc.).
The Holy Heart is the tutor and revealer of God’s real truth.
Thinking and obeying the fact one already is aware is crucial to increasing further revelation of real truth.


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